Give Your Trees Extra TLC

Treat pests and disease with professional tree care in Jackson & Fairmont, MN

Trees are living, breathing things that can suffer from diseases and injuries just like any other animal. At Snyder Logging & Tree Service, we provide specialized tree care to help them thrive. If you have trees that are struggling to survive in the Jackson & Fairmont, MN area, we'll perform a full evaluation to diagnose and treat the issue.

Tree spraying, cabling and root protection are common treatments we provide. We'll even perform a soil assessment to see if your trees are growing in the right environment.

Rely on us to prevent dangerous pests and disease from spreading with targeted tree spraying.

Correct damaged limbs with cables and braces

Correct damaged limbs with cables and braces

A weakened tree is very dangerous for you and your property. Leaning trunks and damaged limbs will likely crash down without professional tree care. Cabling and bracing can:

  • Help save dying or unhealthy trees
  • Repair decaying limbs
  • Create a safer environment around weakened trees

You can breathe easy knowing your damaged tree isn't an imminent threat to children or pets playing in your yard. If you're unsure if your tree needs professional care, reach out to us for a consultation.