Prepare Your Site for Construction

Reach out to us for land clearing service in Jackson & Fairmont, MN

Do you have a wild plot of land that needs to be tamed? Trees, shrubs and tall grasses can make construction or landscaping projects next to impossible. Speak with a land clearing contractor at Snyder Logging & Tree Service to find an environmentally friendly solution in Jackson & Fairmont, MN.

We never burn trees or brush during our land clearing service. You can trust us to clear out bushes and trees with minimal damage to your yard.

Call us today to discuss your needs with an experienced land clearing contractor.

Shape the land to suit your needs

Shape the land to suit your needs

Land clearing service is useful for more than preparing for residential or commercial construction. We can remove heavy vegetation to help you:

  • Create new trails
  • Clear overgrown pathways and walkways
  • Manage new growth
  • Reshape your property for landscaping projects

While other contractors might be happy to demolish everything in sight, Snyder Logging & Tree Service is committed to making both our clients and the environment happy. We always use caution and care to preserve the land as much as possible.